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There is new adventure game coming out soon, I totes want to play this:

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It is quite decidedly Spring out this evening, and I feel an urge to connect with the world, as easily and effortlessly as that.

So here is a video of a man playing guitar with a teaspoon, because it makes me happy.

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Work is work. In the 10 minutes I have spent on the internet this week I have found this:

Anyway internet, I am either glad to hear you are well, or sorry to hear you are not. Goodnight!
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...and then it ends very abruptly. Because of course something that wonderful is going to go for longer than ten minutes.
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I'm hearing Kaki King play in town this Friday night. You may remember me raving about her performances at the Great Escape festival.

Anyhoo, it just so happens I have a spare ticket up for grabs. So if you like guitar nerdery and odd post-rock stuff, this could be your chance!

Vids, which aren't nearly as good as the real thing:
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There's a party on at my house tonight, which I will be late for (hence not inviting people, because they would turn up and I wouldn't be there and they would all be like "bad host! You are shamed forever!"). There may or may not be dancing, but here is some awesome dancing on the internet:

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