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The buddhists are right! Suffering is caused by earthly desire. For instance, I was sick and wanted to take my laptop to bed to do my essay, so I spent all afternoon taking it apart and trying to fix the monitor.

Monitor still broken + Additional problems caused by poking computer insides = Earthly suffering

So now is the time to let go of earthly desires and focus on the task at hand. Which is an essay about playing dress ups. I think.

Although I may have to attend to my earthly desire for tea.
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Ever notice how I post more when I am sick? This is unlikely to change in the immediate future. P.S. I am sick.

Not wanting to spread my germs or interrupt things with ejaculations of coughing, I am staying here instead of doing any of the following things:
+Making zines
+Communally indulging in BSG.
+Hearing ladies sing man-songs.
+Buying my texts for uni (as in, I should have, yesterday or the day before, but didn't due to wanting to curl up in bed).
+Reading said texts

I would compensate by making a zine about Starbuck singing Leonard Cohen classics, except that is a horrible idea.

However, I am halfway through Dune and I have a copy of The King of Kong, so things aren't all bad.

Also, I am the worst friend ever because I forgot that Cassie's thing was on Friday last and didn't remember until the following Tuesday. Sorry Cassie. I am failing pretty bad at social stuff recently.
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As it turns out, I find it very hard to put aside an unfinished essay (which I now have an extension for) to work on more pressing ones. I need closure damnit.

Now I need to exercise willpower to stop doing an essay? The fuck?

Anyway, just in case anyone cares (I care!) the 12th of November will be the final thing I hand in, and I will be at leisure, to do leisurely things.

I may even keep writing 1500 words a day, but only in a leisurely fashion.
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The China in the 20th C course has the exact same structure, assessment wise, as the China in the 19th C course I did last semester. As such, I need to turn in a full 2000 word draft tomorrow on an essay I haven't really planned yet, as it isn't due for another 3 weeks. It's only worth 5%, but I don't really have quite the volume of depression and self loathing that served as an excuse for not doing it first semester. And I missed out on a distinction by 2% in the first semester. So I should totally do it!

So why am I writing this instead? Why have I only written 500 words and done barely any research? Is it because I resent pointless busy work? Is it because I hate the idea of putting all that work into something that won't be read? Somewhat. Maybe I'm also a procrastinatory jerk. I am considering inserting some sort of story into the middle of it.

...Another, oft-ignored aspect of Mao's success both in gaining peasant support and in negotiating his way to chairmanship of the party was his adeptness at handling dragon politics. It was in fact the support he gained (by fox like trickery) from the two serpents that slept under the Huanggang Peak in the Wuyi Mountains that allowed the Jiangxi Soviet region to be successfully defended for so long against the forces of Chang Kai Shek, and it was the knowledge of Dragon lore he reputedly picked up in this experience, as well as his ability to recruit peasants to the cause, that ensured Zhang (who had dragon blood on his mother's side) would never be able to challenge him again for leadership of the party once they had both retreated to Shaanxi. This also explains how Shaanxi itself was so effectively defended, despite being made almost entirely out of roast pumpkin.

In other news, civil wars can be depressing.

Also, apparently it is possible to take space pictures for less than US$150, so I guess that's pretty cool.

I emerge from wikipedia several hours later with the following useful information:

-The article on the Uyghur people has been edit-warred so heavily that it is, for the moment, completely empty.

-The perpetrators of the Ern Malley hoax were both from my high school.

-So was the winner of The AVN award in 2004 for Best Oral Sex Scene, in "Throat Gaggers #6."


-It doesn't tell me which founding member of the KMT went there, however, which is what I was looking for.

-Lists are great. But an attempted list of all the revolutions and rebellions ever is a pretty scary sight.


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