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Feb. 16th, 2011 04:32 pm
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A few weeks ago S and I went south to check out the place where I will be living in the March-May period, working on some sort of literary whatsit. It is a caravan sitting in a nice little block of land upon which my parents hope to someday build a house (I’ll be surveying autumnal sun-patterns and maybe fixing some stuff whilst I’m there).

Logistically, I think I can do this. There is plenty of rainwater for dishes and showers, and although I will have to go into town every now and then to get more drinking water (and groceries), I estimate that to be less than an hour’s walk away. There is no oven (or microwave), but there are no less than two stovetops, one for inside and one for outside. There is a small fridge, although the functionality of the freezer section is questionable. I should manage to eat ok.

And it’s pretty, and there’s trees and frogs and birds.

It’s isolated, but there is phone reception if you stand in certain spots. The isolation might be an issue, despite it also being the point. I would not normally be worried except that my health in that regard has not exactly been perfect lately. I will try and monitor myself forgivingly. Going a bit peculiar and talking to myself and inanimate objects is okay. Just sitting at my desk and crying is not. I suppose if the latter happens a lot I may give up and come back. :/

But I don’t want to give up.

EDIT: Also, there is a red-bellied black snake. To make it seem more friendly, I think I should give it a name. Does anyone have any suggestions? I do not know whether it is a boy or girl snake, and feel it imprudent to check.


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