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I saw Kill Bill today. It is pretty much what everyone says it is, and for some reason reminded me a lot of various anime (not just because of the animated section). I think it's the hissing sound of the arterial spray gushing out of a newly opened neck that does it.

BTW, I have just figured out the difference between homage and unoriginality. Uma Thurman wearing a two piece yellow tracksuit as she cuts swathe through enemies is obviously a homage to Bruce Lee. If it was a one piece, then that would be a ripoff. So now you know, it's that simple.


'Cause I'm bored, and staying up late to watch Ben Lee program Rage, I'm going to attempt to start an argument with any cinema geeks reading.

Top 5 Sword fighting scenes in movies
Taboo: All of the dojo scenes. If you haven't seen Taboo, it's a Japanese movie that teaches us that there are two types of samurai: The gay kind, and the kind that didn't think they were gay until the cute new novice comes along and turns everyone's head. Well, what did you think all those men were doing to keep themselves amused?
The Princess Bride: Atop the cliffs of insanity "I think I do it with my left hand. If I do it with my right, is over too quickly. I get no satisfaction."
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:Maggie Cheung versus whatserface.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Okay, I'm running out of ideas.
Return of the Jedi: That should get an argument going...

P.S. I figured out the detective, I think. So I'm not stuck in my planning any more. It just takes a while.


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