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Things I learnt from writing a novel:
a) I am not a literary genius. At least not in the space of a month
b) I'm not that bad though, either.
c) television is evil
d)I am teh r0xor
e) Having a plan or outline of some sort might possibly be a good idea, maybe.
f) I learnt that I can in fact achieve stuff if I put my mind to it. So I now have a whole list of stuff that I want to achieve! My mind is giving me a dirty look.

So, is it any good, I hear you ask?
For the answer to that, see e) above. I really only started with a begining, a vague idea of where I wanted it to end, and some characters. As a result, there are people who are main characters at the begining of the novel who barely figure in the finale. I sort of got bored with them and moved on to others. I also found that the voice and style with which I had chosen to write the novel was in fact not ideally suited to the story. I should have gone with 3rd person omnipotent, but instead I went with 3rd person personal, which means I was restricted to portraying things from specific characters' points of view. I guess I got the hang of it eventually. I haven't actually gone back and read the thing yet, so I guess I should get some distance before passing judgement on myself.
I was however, in the end, convinced that the idea could in fact be turned into a decent novel, which was not something I was sure of at the beggining of the month. So a bunch of rewriting could be in order. Followed by an attempt at *gasp!* publication. A pity that it doesn't fit into any one genre. Publishers apparently hate that.

Stuff that happened to me in November: a quick overview

*I got fitter, on account of exercise is an acceptable form of procrastination, and David had put up a chin-up bar out the back. I now have something that might almost pass as upper body strength. Nifty.

*Nov 1: Did a cave clan newbies expo with Owen and Chris. There was like 80 people there! I see [livejournal.com profile] illykai recounted it in all its glory, so I won't repeat it all here. I concur though, that it really was smack Owen in the head day. Poor guy.

*Wednesday last: Saw the Matrix:Revolutions, which was not that amazing. There was a lot of cool things that they could have done which they didn't. Also, I can't shake the odd suspicion that the Wachowski brothers are fixing to start a cult. I think it has something to do with the complete lack of humour in the film. At least in Reloaded Hugo Weaving got a few one liners. That man is a comic genius. You think my theory is crackpot, yes? People didn't take the stories about L Ron Hubbard seriously either, and look what happened when that went unchecked.
The machine city was cool, though.

*Did I mention that I wrote a novel?

*Friday: Went out with Owen and Tully. Unfortunately, planned cathartic celebratory booze-up did not eventuate, on account of Tully was in pain, medicated, and had blood coming out of him. Poor Tull. Instead we went to his place and watched Frailty, which I viewed as what could have been an interesting film about people completely marred by its obligatory ludicrous hollywood plot twist. Because heaven forbid that anyone should just make a film about people. Pfah!
I'll make a bitter old man some day. Anyway, it was good to see both of them. I hope that Tull stops bleeding and hurting soon.

*Saturday: Went with Chris to Rachael's birthday party thing. There weren't many people I knew well there, but 'twas sort of fun.

Still I crave my cathartic celebratory booze up, however.

I am now on holidays for a week, and have been living as a recluse for the past month. As such, I would be perfectly happy to be going out every night or day this week socialising and doin' stuff with my friends. Unfortunately, now would be about the time that I get brought back down to earth by the fact that I don't have that many friends, and that the ones I do have are probably busy doing something else.


Nov. 24th, 2003 10:19 am
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Okay, so up until now I've managed to keep to the no internet rule, but I just thought I'd make a quick update. The no TV thing has been less successful. For a couple of Wednesday nights there was a fact that had to be faced, and that fact was this: I am David Attenborough's bitch.

Anyway, as of last night I am at 42,160 words, which is not as good as I'd hoped, but not bad. I should be finished on Friday, so I'll be free to go wreak havoc on the city come the weekend.

Me to city: I said havoc! Havoc, damnit! Stop looking implacable and fear me!

City: Not to put too finer point on it, but you weren't exactly renowned for your l33t wreaking skillz before November. Did you have anything new planned?

Me: I'm gonna...um, well, I could...drink. A beer. Or something.

City: Ooh, look at me. I'm quivering like Newcastle in '89. I haven't been this scared since that british footy fan took "paint the town red" literally. Lucky she only had the one bottle of nail polish.

Me: Fuck you!

Erm, I think maybe I've been spending too much time by myself. So if anyone wants to do stuff this coming weekend, let me know.

And now, back to work!
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You know who's cool?
Architecture in Helsinki, that's who.
The band was good last night, but Owen was right, we should have gone to the Lowenbrau first.
I've had some interesting thoughts on the place of philosophy since my conversation with Owen last night, but I guess it'll wait 'till December.

The computer seems fine now, but I have no idea what caused the problem. Which worries me. Can't be helped.

I've figured that I can still go out in November, as long as I am on schedule with my wordcount. It could happen :-P Even though I'm such a slow writer I'll need to spend 8 hours a day on this thing. The more I think about it though, the more I know I need to do this. I've always been afraid to put everything I have into a project or piece of work. Like I'm terrified of discovering what my limits are, of discovering that I'm not as capable as I think I am. It's a stupid, petty fear and I intend to be rid of it.

Good luck to both [livejournal.com profile] agsilver and [livejournal.com profile] whirlygig, who are doing this novel thing as well, and also to Tully. I hope you get your treatment done, and that you get through filming with your sanity intact.

Well, I guess I'll be seeing most of you in a month!

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I saw Kill Bill today. It is pretty much what everyone says it is, and for some reason reminded me a lot of various anime (not just because of the animated section). I think it's the hissing sound of the arterial spray gushing out of a newly opened neck that does it.

BTW, I have just figured out the difference between homage and unoriginality. Uma Thurman wearing a two piece yellow tracksuit as she cuts swathe through enemies is obviously a homage to Bruce Lee. If it was a one piece, then that would be a ripoff. So now you know, it's that simple.


'Cause I'm bored, and staying up late to watch Ben Lee program Rage, I'm going to attempt to start an argument with any cinema geeks reading.

Top 5 Sword fighting scenes in movies
Taboo: All of the dojo scenes. If you haven't seen Taboo, it's a Japanese movie that teaches us that there are two types of samurai: The gay kind, and the kind that didn't think they were gay until the cute new novice comes along and turns everyone's head. Well, what did you think all those men were doing to keep themselves amused?
The Princess Bride: Atop the cliffs of insanity "I think I do it with my left hand. If I do it with my right, is over too quickly. I get no satisfaction."
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:Maggie Cheung versus whatserface.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Okay, I'm running out of ideas.
Return of the Jedi: That should get an argument going...

P.S. I figured out the detective, I think. So I'm not stuck in my planning any more. It just takes a while.


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