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So this dream started out I think as watching a film that Danoot had told me about (except I don't think he has actually ever mentioned any such thing in real life. Dan?), which was some sort of end of the world thing that starred the guy from Polyphonic Spree and had Arcade Fire music. Except because of how dreams work it turned out to be not a film, and did not have that music, and it wasn't the polyphonic spree guy, it was me.

I was sharing a house in Ashbury with Jo and 2 other people, who were maybe real people I actually know but I just forgot who they were when I woke up, but more likely I just made them up. Anyway, we were all moving out because we knew the end of the world was coming soon, so what's the point of paying rent I guess, but only one of us had a car. We were all in the car dropping someone's stuff off. I was trying to convince the driver (not Jo)that we should drop my stuff off next, as I was then going with my folks to Canberra (I think it was coming up on Christmas), which was therefore where I would probably be when the endtimes came. My argument was that if I was in Canberra I would probably die before they did.

It started to snow outside the car, just little flecks that melted when they hit the ground. Come on, I said, I won’t even take the furniture. I assumed finding furniture would be easy once society collapsed.

We almost got hurt/stuck when we drove up the ramp into a giant industrial structure that seemed to be somehow just for getting ice off tires. It was reminiscent of coal ramps I’ve seen in Newcastle and other such places.

Then I was home at my folks place, somehow, but without my stuff. Everyone was busy deciding what to take. Things were different to RL, there was a giant disc tent thing stuck around the side passage. And I had a sister. Or I was a sister. Identity in dreams is weird. There was some stuff about a yellow dress with flowers on it that I don’t understand, even though I wrote it down with the rest of this when I woke up. Anyway, we weren’t taking it with us. Mum offered to drive me to get my stuff. I thought for a while about what I would need. I don’t know what I was expecting but a set of practical clothes and some tools seemed like the only things worth keeping.

The oddest thing about this dream was that there was no real concept of how the world might end, and there didn’t seem to be any expectation of cataclysm and death. It was as if everybody knew that they must continue living more or less as normal up until a particular moment sometime soon in the future (they perhaps even knew the date) when all of a sudden the money in our pockets would be worthless paper, and all the other constructs we’ve come up with like law and employment would melt away to nothing, and because we have made ourselves so dependent on those things we won’t have any idea how to survive.
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I had a dream that someone had found out about all of the people that I have shot, and some of those I hadn’t finished off the first time were coming for me. I had to start running, and go into hiding. I was terrified, and sad about leaving my life and friends behind, and guilty over what I had done. How could I have let myself do those things?

When I woke up, it took me a few minutes to remember that I’d never done anything like that.


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