Sep. 5th, 2013

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Okay, here is the first installment of my personal senate cheat-sheet. Corrections/comments welcomed.

Liberal Democrat Party
Libertarians. Free market fundies, no less, with a sprinkling of racism on top. Want to privatise everything, repeal the discrimination act, and basically stop the government from doing any governing.

No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
Let us not waste any time on this one..

Democratic Labour Party
Descended from a conservative faction that split from the Labour party in the 50s. Reasonably left in their economics, but pretty far right in their social policies: anti-queer and anti-choice. Their energy plans are based on Polywell Plasma Fusion which would be a cool thing if it worked, but as of today no one has actually generated energy with one of those things.
Depressingly, and I am starting to see a pattern with this, they are still somewhat saner than the major parties when it comes to asylum seekers.

Senator Online
The theory is that if they get a senator in, you can then vote online and that will determine how the senator votes on legislation. I like the sentiment, but I worry that their system is exploitable.

Voluntary Euthanasia Party
Single issue party, as far as I can see.

Andrew Whalan,
Peter Grant Cooper.

I feel like I’m missing something here. Whalan likes shooting animals, is okay with gay marriage, very pro NBN. He is also in favour of regulations that would stop Steam charging more for games here than overseas. (He wasn’t talking just about Steam, but I can see that’s what he REALLY means.)

Help End Marijuana Prohibition
Again, the main platform of this party is pretty obvious from the name. I’m having trouble finding much out about their ideas about non cannabis related policy, though.

Carer’s Alliance
Advocate group for carers of disabled people. Legit, but I’ve no idea why they preferenced Non-Custodial Parents Party first. Don’t vote for them above the line.
Likewise, they have put the Climate Skeptics high up, and Liberal above labor (which makes NO sense)

Wikileaks Party.
Wikileaks the organisation is revolutionary, vital, and damn necessary institution in a world where governments hide so much from their people.
Wikileaks the party is a damn mess. Their preferences are going to The (super right wing)Shooters and Fishers Party, their leader has let slip some confusing quotes that seem to hint at being anti-choice, much of their membership hasn’t been to their meetings and several high ranking members have resigned over the preferences debacle.

If they did get a senator elected, then sure, they would probably be principled in their stand for government transparency, against censorship and for internet freedom. But there is a serious question mark above their stance on other issues, especially considering their sometimes erratic leader's autocratic style.


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