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Every election I tend to write out a little guide for myself to remember who all the minor parties are. I usually stick it up on my LJ, and sometimes other people have said they appreciate it. The world seems to have caught up and there are a LOT more resources on the web now for figuring out who everyone is. So posting this seems less necessary now, but I need to look this stuff up anyway, so I might as well put it up here.

This first post is the easy part: my local seat, Grayndler.

Joshua Green, Christian Democrat Party.
If you are the kind of person who prays for rain on Mardi Gras and doesn’t think women should have sovereignty over their own bodies, please don’t ever talk to me again. Also, this is probably your party. You jerk.
I’m guessing that they picked this candidate in particular (“job: kitchenhand”) because they were hoping that his last name might confuse some of the dopier Greens voters. Beware. Don’t be dopy.

Joel Scully, Bullet Train For Australia.
Refreshingly, BTFA seem to be a genuine, by-design, single issue party. They carry the following statement on their website:
The Bullet Train for Australia Party has no official position on any other policy areas apart from High-Speed-Rail (HSR), Bullet Trains, Very Fast Trains, Fast-rail and related topics.
When our candidates are elected to the parliament of the nation they will only promote high speed rail and pursue getting a Bullet Train as quickly as possible. Our elected MPs will abstain on voting from anything that is not related to high-speed-rail and getting a Bullet Train.

Cedric Spencer, Liberal Party.
Apparently this lawyer can speak six languages, so that would be really impressive if his party weren’t a bunch of racist homophobic jerks bent on running our economy into the ground with bullshit “austerity” and vomiting all over our ozone layer whilst privatising everything we hold dear.

Hall Greenland, The Greens
Check it out, he has Green in his name too!
This party has the policies that most align with my ethics (and not coincidentally, the policies that most coincide with any logical conception of “ethics”), so this is the candidate I will be voting “1” for.

Mohanadas Balasingham, Clive Palmer United Party
Clive Palmer, mining magnate, wants to fix Australia by giving it more mines! What a nice guy. He also wants to get rid of the carbon tax, for some crazy reason. Also some bizarre economic ranting.
Worth noting, however, that he advocates closing detention centres. Yes, even this right-wing nutbag’s policy on asylum seekers is significantly to the left of the two major parties. This country is fucked.

Anthony Albanese, Labor Party
You know who the Labor party is. They have an utterly fucking vile policy on boat arrivals (but not as vile as the Liberals), and apart from that, kinda okay centre-left policies. They are one of the two major parties, and not nearly as insane as the Liberals, so they will get my “2” vote.
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